Summer Fun & Fundraiser

We’re going on safari to support downtown revitalization and you’re invited! Join us for Main Street Keokuk’s annual Summer Fun & Fundraiser Moonlight on the Serengeti.

Enjoy dinner, drinks, & dancing, and a sound and light show while street performers bring the animals of the savanna to life. Get in on the live and silent auctions by bidding on the vintage and handmade items and unique experiences made available by our generous donors.

Individual tickets are available for $35 each. Reserved tables of 8 are available for $280. Reserved seating is only available with the purchase of a table. Each ticket includes admission to the event, dinner, and complimentary drinks, including beer and wine for guests 21 and older. Tickets are available online now or may be purchased in-person beginning Tuesday, June 14th at the Main Street Keokuk office or from any Main Street Keokuk board member.

Scroll to learn more about the awe and beauty of Serengeti National Park, the evening’s menu, and entertainment. Stay tuned to learn more about the items available in the live and silent auctions.

Serengeti National Park

With over 5700 square miles of grassland plains, savanna, and woodland, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is home to nearly 20% of Africa’s enormous warm-blooded animal populace, including the largest lion population in the world. The Serengeti is the site of the “Great Migration,” the largest scale land migration in the world. Over a quarter of a million zebra, 1.7 million wildebeest, and nearly half a million gazelle traverse 500 miles from the most southern to the most northern parts of the park in search of rain-ripened grass and lush pastures for grazing.

Bordered on all sides by national parks, game reserves, and a conservation area, nearly 80% of the Serengeti’s ecosystem is legally protected. Serengeti National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, indicating the area is internationally recognized as having cultural, historical, and/or scientific significance.

Formed in 1964 when two countries (Tanganyika and Zanzibar) merged, Tanzania is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on earth. Many important hominid fossils and the oldest remains of the genus Homo have been found there. The country is home to Lake Tanganyika and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s lowest and highest points.

Tanzania’s nearly 63 million residents represent one of Africa’s most ethnically diverse populations with over 130 languages spoken. Swahili is the national language though English is widely used in higher education, foreign trade, and diplomacy. While Christianity is the most widely practiced religion, there are large Muslim & Animist minorities. Agriculture, industry, and tourism account for over two-thirds of the country’s gross domestic product.

The Menu

East African cuisine has long been influenced by a variety of cultures. The colorful dishes of the region are prepared using many different techniques and are known to contain an array of spices making each full of flavor.

Indian cooking styles and flavors, in particular, have had a significant influence on the food in Tanzania and the neighboring island of Zanzibar.

Guests at Moonlight on the Serengeti can expect the evening’s menu to include grilled vegetables and skewered meats, coconut rice, vegetable curry, collard greens, and chapati bread. And for dessert? Coconut donuts and fresh fruit.


Street performers will bring the animals of the Serengeti to life in artistic costumes created especially for the event. A sound and light show will be provided by Drew Nelson.

Silent & Live Auctions

With the support of our generous donors, we’ve curated a broad selection of vintage and handmade items, art and jewelry, and unique group experiences. Stay tuned for more information on items available for bid in both auctions.