Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality Committee

Primary Areas of Focus:

  • Downtown Assessment – Creating building inventories, business inventories, conducting market analysis and collecting statistical information on the downtown
  • Business Retention – Block captains, educational seminars, newsletters and merchant incentive programs that enhance the success of current businesses in the commercial district
  • Business Expansion – Conduct focus groups, marketing feasibility studies and assistance with creating business plans and projections
  • Business Recruitment – Develop recruitment packets, recruitment teams of community leaders and development incentives as recruitment resources
  • Real Estate Development – Identify and implement clustering strategies, adaptive reuse and opportunities for Community Initiated Development

Monthly Meeting Time: 1st Wednesday of the month, 4:00 P.M.

Program of Work

Understanding the District

  • Quarterly Merchants’ & Property Owners’ Coffee and Conversation
  • ESRI Data/Market Analysis Info Distribution

New Uses for Old Places

  • Commercial Property Open House
  • Upstairs Downtown Open House

District Business Inventory

  • Residents
  • Retail
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Service
  • Professional
  • Other

District Property Use Inventory

  • Occupied Buildings
  • Vacant Land
  • Parking Spaces (public and private)
  • Building Vacancies
  • Upper Story Vacancies
  • 2019 Marketing and Image Campaign
  • Grants – Explore & Pursue Opportunities
  • Ready to Recruit Training
  • Business