Keokuk Walk of Fame Planters

Main Street Keokuk, Inc.’s, Walk of Fame planter project celebrates captains of industry, actors, writers, inventors, artists, and others that were born in, lived in, or had a significant connection to Keokuk. The Walk of Fame lines Main Street in downtown and is part of the Urban Trails of Keokuk* program.

The Walk of Fame project adds color and vibrancy to downtown. The plaques feature biographical sketches highlighting persons of fame and their connection to Keokuk.

Annie Wittenmyer, Civil War Nurse

Burnham and Root,Architects

Charlotta Pyles, Slave to Emancipator

Chief Keokuk, Fox and Sauk Chief

Conrad Nagel, Actor

Elsa Maxwell,Hostess

Howell and Clark, Newspapermen

Hugh Lincoln Cooper, Engineer

John Wayne (Marion Morrison), Actor

William Archibald “Judge” Logan

Mary Huiskamp Calhoun Wilkins, Author

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Author

Samuel Ryan Curtis, Civil War General and Keokuk Mayor

The Hughes Family, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers

Younker Brothers, Entrepreneurs of Department Store Fame

William “Bill” Logan, Basketball Player

*Urban Trails maps are available at Main Street Keokuk, Inc.