Facade Grant Program

The Façade Grant Program is one of the simplest and most effective ways for Main Street Keokuk, Inc. to partner with local building owners in downtown Keokuk to improve and preserve their historic buildings.  A one third/two third matching program, MSKI will award one dollar for every two dollars invested by building owners, with a maximum allocation of $2500 per project.  To be awarded the grant, a Façade Grant Application must be completed and approved BEFORE the specific project begins.  Completed applications can be returned to the Main Street office at 1026 Main Street, and generally are approved within 15 days of receipt of application.  For additional information, please contact MSKI Executive Director, Kira Kruszynski at 319-524-5056.

Download a copy of the Façade Grant Application at the link below.

Facade Improvement Grant Application