Estes Park

The Power City Mural was created by The Walldogs

Estes Park is an urban pocket garden tucked into the corner of 5th and Main Streets, on the site of the former Estes House Hotel.  Officially owned by Lee County, the improvements to the park have been undertaken and primarily underwritten by the partners of Main Street Keokuk, Inc.

A gazebo creates the central focal point of the park, with benches, shade trees, gas lamp posts, an expansive wall mural and informational signage completing the park’s amenities.  In 2012,Estes Park became the starting point for four Urban Trails, walking paths through the city that begin and end in the park.  A new sign explains the routes of the designated urban trails.   In 2013, Walldogs, a nationally recognized cooperative of muralists will complete a new 40 foot wall mural on the north side of the park.

To schedule an event in the park, or to find out additional information on future park projects, contact Joyce Glasscock, MSKI Executive Director through the contact form on this site or by phone in the MSKI office at 319-524-5056.