Eagles On Blondeau

Upscale Living In Historic Downtown Keokuk

The Eagles on Blondeau project represents an investment of approximately $2.9 million. What does that mean for our economy?

  • It means there were over 32 direct full-time jobs created in rehabilitating the building
  • As a result of the project, another 32 indirect jobs were created in other sectors of the economy – over 64 jobs in all
  • It means the workers on the building received $1,222,350 in earnings. But that’s not all…
  • As a result of the project, workers in other sectors of the community earned an additional $928,870 – over $2 million in earnings for workers in total
  • $2,900,000 spent rehabbing Eagles on Blondeau ultimately added an additional $3,557,430 to the economy, more than $6 million in economic activity overall
  • The rehab project put back into use an at-risk building with a new assessed value of $621,470

Funding for the Eagles Project was made possible through private donations and loans, the Iowa Economic Development Authority I-Jobs Program, Main Street Iowa, State Historic Tax Credits, Federal Historic Tax Credits, Energy Credits, Dubuque Bank and Trust, and through other numerous partnerships.

Keokuk Downtown Properties, LLC, a volunteer group oversaw all aspects of the project, taking a hands-on approach in the financing, design, and finishes.

Keokuk Downtown Properties, LLC, Board of Directors
  • Robert Korte
  • Sandy Johnson
  • Ed Kiedaisch
  • Howie Sutlive
  • Joyce Glasscock

This dedicated group of individuals continue to oversee the project with building manager, Gary Johnson. Contact: Eagles on Blondeau, 407 Blondeau Street, Keokuk, IA 52632; Email: gljohnson5@q.com Phone: 319.670.8183.

Interior Finishes Advisors: Leah Gudgel, Jay Zetterlund, Jean Bogner, and Emma Lee Lahmeyer.

Local Businesses & Contractors used on the project:

Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates
Twitchell Construction
Keokuk Contractors
Hartrick’s Independent Lumber Co.
Keokuk Homestore
Streeter’s Decorating Center
Kraus & Sons HVAC
Kevin Kuckleman, Attorney
Cannon Electric
Summers Home Originals


Floor Plan